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The fine folks in the QGIS Community Team have produced a great looking update to the QGIS Brochure. The community team is comprised mainly of non-developers but makes a massive contribution to the project since they orchestrate the web sites, user manual production (in multiple languages), brochures and many more things that make QGIS visible and accessible to the world at large.  The brochure is an important part of our publicity profile – it can be printed on double sided paper and distributed at shows and conferences, making it easy to put pertinent info about our project into an interested person’s hand. The Community Team is always looking for new volunteers, so if you always thought “I’d like to help but I can’t program”, now is the time to get involved!

The new QGIS 1.6 Brochure

The new QGIS 1.6 Brochure

  • Karl Zinglersen

    Great! I’ll surely use this brochure. We recently held the first SDI seminar in Greenland ever, and I left a qgis windows installer on sticks for the participants including some free data. I don’t know if they’ll use it anyway, but now they have the chance at least. Next time they’ll be able to read the new leaflet, too.

  • Tim Sutton

    Astute readers may have noted that Copiapó was mis-spelled in my screenshot above. It has been fixed in the pdf version.

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