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One of the nice new features coming in QGIS 1.7 is the ability to use data driven labelling interactively. I made a little video to illustrate below. This work was carried out by Marco Hugentobler of Sourcepole.

Oh, and just for Andreas, here is the same video as a webm file :-)

  • Barry Rowlingson

    how does the system decide what labels to use the default positioning for? Is it the presence of NULL in the x and y fields? Otherwise I don’t see where that’s stored…

    • Tim Sutton

      Hi Barry

      Yes as I understand it, if the field value is NULL for x and y it uses PAL to place the label and I think the same applies to rotation. However in my testing the same wasnt true for label size – if label size was null the label didn’t display. Hence I preset the labels to 10px.



  • Andreas Neumann

    Thanks Tim – it is much appreciated that there is now an alternative to Flash videos. Thank you for taking the time!


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