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Today is Open Data Day 2013. I did’t have much time to hack, but I made a few tweaks to my ‘just for fun’ osm-reporter project to provide average, min and max counts per active day for each user. I also did a bunch of code cleanups under the hood which probably nobody except me will care about :-) Here is what the new goodies look like.


New stats added to report


The new stats (shown in the green, blue and orance dots in the last row of the report) give you an idea of what kind of capture rate a person is able to sustain and what they peak at when really ‘going for it’. Only active days (where 1 or more ways were captured) are considered. I still have plans to add a bunch of different badges / achievements based on different metrics – something for the next time I have a day of fun hacking available to me. Head over to and zoom to your area to see what your your stats look like.