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This weekend I implemented a new feature for my ‘just for fun’ project osm-reporter. The feature implements timeline reporting for Open Street Map contributors. Its probably easiest to explain with a screenshot:


OSM-Reporter with timelines


Here is another one showing a few charts together:


OSM-Reporter with timelines

I added the feature because I wanted to see how many person days were involved in data gathering for a particular area and feature type. It does have some limitations – it ignores deletion and ownership transfer of features. It does however provide a nice quick overview of effort. Try it on your own neighbourhood and see how much work went into the OSM coverage for your area!

I’ve also had some really awesome contributions from Yohan Bonifiace (added leaflet support, feature type switching, extent urls) and Sun Ning (added heatmap support). Its really great making a small, simple and limited scope project and seeing it grow with random hacks of kindness from strangers! Here is a little screenshot of the heatmap feature:



I hope you all enjoy the new version, and look forward to more improvements and suggestions from the community. Its all freely available from my github repository. You can test out the current version of the software by visiting