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FOSS4G2013 is starting in just over a month and we (the QGIS project) are really hoping to make QGIS 2.0 available for the event. Its going to be a huge splash as 2.0 is a giant leap forward over version 1.8. However there is a hitch: We have 15 blocker issues holding up the release. We are committed to putting out the best release we possibly can but to do that we need your help! The QGIS project has grown so much in the last few years and with the number of people that depend on it, we just can’t afford to put out anything but the best possible release.

If you have the means to help please do! There are several concrete things you can do to help:

  • fund the project directly – we are looking to pay some of our core developers to put in the time needed to close off the remaining blocker issues. Please see the QGIS Sponsorship page for more information on how you can do this. QGIS also incurs many other overheads and we receive no revenue other than your donations, so we thank you for your support.
  • sponsor developer time – if you have developers working for you who are able to help closing off our blocker tickets we will be super grateful if you can allow them to spend some of their work time closing off blockers!
  • test and help to characterise issues – the more people who test QGIS, the better our prospects for a good quality QGIS 2.0 release! Visit the downloads page to find out how you can get a test build of the upcoming release.


As a last bit of news on the QGIS front, nominations are open for 3 new positions on the QGIS Project Steering Committee – if you know of someone you think will be well suited to the post please let us know using the instructions provided.