Welcome to linfiniti.com. We are free open source software (FOSS) solution providers. FOSS software is free as in liberty – you can take the software and re-purpose it to your needs without artificial restrictions. For example proprietary software vendors typically use things like per-seat licensing, prohibition of modification or reverse engineering, onerous licensing agreements etc. to restrict what you can do with their software. FOSS lets you meet your organisation’s software needs without locking yourself in to a particular vendor. It promotes the idea of local empowerment and building local economies and skill bases. The freedom to view and modify the source code of your software means that you can use any provider with the necessary skills to adapt the software to your needs. In short it treats you like a first class citizen, affording you all the rights you need to take control of your IT infrastructure.

What do we do?

We provide services for the Quantum GIS open source geospatial software application, as well as other FOSS GIS software such as GeoDjango, MapServer, PostgreSQL/PostGIS etc. We prefer solutions with a focus on user friendliness and intuitive interfaces. We can provide application support, training, customisation and (where applicable) hosting for FOSS GIS software.

QGIS is an open source Geographical Information System, providing a user-friendly graphical user interface for visualisation and analysis of spatial data. We provide customisation and development services for QGIS, either in the form of plugins or, where appropriate, as enhancements to the core application. With over four years of development experience and participation in the QGIS development team, we are in an ideal position to adapt QGIS to meet your needs.

Using the QGIS libraries (qgis_core and qgis_gui) we are also able to create vertical market applications with spatial data browsing capabilities. For example, you may need a database front-end application developed that includes a mapping component. With Qt and QGIS we are able to implement this for you in a cost effective manner. Since we are an open source solution provider, our GIS solutions rely on a solid foundation of open source software and reduce the financial burden on you to the payment of time and expenses. You can distribute unlimited copies of your software with no per-seat licensing fees.


About Tim Sutton

Coming from a background in applied conservation management, Tim Sutton became involved in the practice of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in 1998 when he joined and helped to set up the GIS division of for the Scientific Services group of the Western Cape Nature Conservation Board, South Africa. During this time he completed a Masters Degree in GIS and Conservation. Realising that proprietary GIS was always going to have a limited penetration into third world and poorer economies, Tim started investigating and familiarising himself with FOSS GIS options early on in his GIS carreer. The FOSS GIS choices at that time were pretty much limited to GRASS and UMN Mapserver – both robust and well established projects, but neither particularly user friendly or aimed at desktop GIS users.

Tim joined the QGIS project in late 2002 (around 6 months after it started) while he was resident in the UK for 5 years. He continued with his involvement in the project during his 2 year stay in Brasil and his subsequent return to his homeland, South Africa. Tim has contributed to many areas of the code base and the creation of the QGIS community over the last 10+ years. Tim has also made significant contributions to a number of other FOSS projects including openModeller (http://openmodeller.net), osm-reporter (as primary author – http://osm.linfiniti.com), and various other projects. In early 2012, Tim joined and became a major contributor to the InaSAFE (http://inasafe.org) project. When Tim returned to South Africa in June 2008, he established his own business, Linfiniti Consulting CC (http://linfiniti.com) which he runs from the small town of Swellendam close to the very Southern tip of Africa. He provides services to clients based around the FOSSGIS stack including QGIS, GeoDjango, OpenLayers, Umn Mapserver and various other FOSSGIS tools. Linfiniti has had the privilege of providing services to a number of prestigious clients including the South African National Space Agency (SANSA), the South African Department of Land Affairs, the University of Oxford, the AUSAID/AIFDR and numerous other clients.