Holiday OpenStreetMap project for Swellendam

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If you even visited my lovely home town of Swellendam in the Western Cape of South Africa on, you might have noticed that the building footprints for the town are almost non-existent. Building footprints provide a valuable way to understand impacts of flood and other natural hazards, as well as being a valuable source… Read more »

Interview – Anna Mason from MapAction

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Today I had a chance to do a quick interview with Anna Mason from MapAction.     The interview is an mp3 audio file recorded on my phone. My apologies if the sound quality isn’t the best. Click on the link below to download the mp3 file. Anna Mason MapAction Interview 23 May 2012  … Read more »

A new sphinx theme

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During the Zurich QGIS hackfest we had some extended discussions about migrating our documentation away from LaTeX to sphinx because the latter offers a more approachable syntax for casual documentation writers and has good support for internationalisation via gettext. This week I am going to our first 2012 QGIS hackfest (to be held in Lyon,… Read more »

Understanding the South African Coordinate Reference System

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A nice article by Aslam Parker, Chief Directorate: National Geo-spatial Information, South Africa was published this month in our local GIS/Surveying magazine ‘Position IT‘ that describes the South African CRS. It probably would be of general interest to those trying to understand CRS concepts too. Direct link to the PDF here.

Recovering root user access for a mysql server

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So this weekend I was trying to get into a mysql server I co-administer and nobody knew the root password anymore. Here is a short procedure to regain admin privileges to the database. I assign myself (rather than root user) admin privileges  so that I don’t interfere with any cron jobs etc. that may have… Read more »

WebGL 3D Globe anyone/

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Here is a really nice project for you FOSSGIS fans out there: ‘Godzi‘. Created by (the creators or osgEarth), Godzi is a javascript and webGL implementation of a 3D browsable earth. Take a look at their demo (screenshot below). Of course my QGIS self is now thinking ‘Oh cool we can use this to publish… Read more »

Fun with GeoNames

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The GeoNames dataset provides a list of global placenames, their location and some additional information such as population and so on. It is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, which allows you to use the data for your own purposes. You can download the data by country, or the entire global dataset. In… Read more »