Installing PostGIS 2.0 on ubuntu

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PostGIS 2.0 is out and the awesomness continues! You can install PostGIS 2.0 on Ubuntu using packages which is exactly what I am going to show you here. Read on for details on how to get up and running and do your first simple raster analysis!

Adding a counter to postgresql query results

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Just a quickie because I always forget this and need to look it up again. If you have a query in postgresql and you want to include a sequential identifier in the output, you can use the very handy ROW_NUMBER() function. Note, you need Postgresql 8.4+ I believe. Here is a quick example: create view… Read more »

Batch backup of postgres tables with bash

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Here is a little batch script I wrote to backup my postgresql databases all in one go. I use similar scripts on my servers but this on is a bit different in that it has an outer loop to backup the three different instances of postgres I have running on my system, each in turn… Read more »

Working with tablespaces in PostGIS

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The PostgreSQL tablespace system is a convenient way to manage storage space allocation in PostgreSQL and perhaps improve performance. Tablespaces allow you to spread your databases or parts of your databases around different parts of your filesystem, and more importantly onto different physical storage devices. This is important because under ubuntu / debian, the default… Read more »

Fun with GeoNames

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The GeoNames dataset provides a list of global placenames, their location and some additional information such as population and so on. It is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, which allows you to use the data for your own purposes. You can download the data by country, or the entire global dataset. In… Read more »

A week in Tanzania

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I spent most of last week in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. A lovely tropical country in the heart of Africa. I was there as part of a project I am working to create tools for Biodiversity Informatics practitioners. Of course the tools are based on Free Software: Quantum GIS and openModeller. The attendees at the… Read more »