Remote debugging QGIS plugins using PyCharm

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Wow it’s been a long time since I posted anything here….but I’m back with another (hopefully) useful howto. Over the last six months or so I have made a rather dramatic shift away from using VIM as my primary development environment for everything to using IDE’s for my python development work. I spent the first… Read more »

A new sphinx theme

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During the Zurich QGIS hackfest we had some extended discussions about migrating our documentation away from LaTeX to sphinx because the latter offers a more approachable syntax for casual documentation writers and has good support for internationalisation via gettext. This week I am going to our first 2012 QGIS hackfest (to be held in Lyon,… Read more »

Django: serving an image from a remote server

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For a current project (using django), I wanted to get a dynamically generated image from a remote map server and return the image to the django view as an object (as opposed to returning a URL as a string). Here’s how it’s done (logic derived from this code snippet): import urllib import urllib2 import mimetypes… Read more »